Ride the brain waves with me ...

This site is dedicated to exploring the mysterious and captivating world of brain waves.

What are they? How do they work? Can we alter them? Is that useful?
There are a lot of questions to be asked and a lot of areas to explore in this realm of the mind.
I am your guinea pig. My name is Roshana Ariel. I'm using my life as an experiment. My environment is my laboratory. And I am the willing subject.
Either manipulating brain waves with brainwave technology plays an important role in the advancement of a human being or it doesn't.
My theory is that it does. And I am putting several tools, books, recordings, programs and projects to work on myself.

In fact, I have already tried a number of methods to improve my mind and my life experience, some having specifically to do with brainwave technology and others having a more roundabout connection, and in the following pages of this website I will review them for your benefit. And I will continue to purchase other brainwave tools, machines, recordings and training to review so that you can check here to get my opinion on such things.

I hope you will share your experiences with me, as well. I would be happy to share your experiences of personal growth (or failed experiments) with others who visit this site. Just write to me here at email (at) brainwavejourneys.com.

The point is to provide a place where we can benefit from the ever-increasing knowledge in this field in an effort to improve our lives and the lives of others on the planet. The ultimate, and lofty, goal is to do our part to advance mankind's evolution in a positive, creative, compassionate and scientific way.

Come join me ...

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